Upcoming Trip


I was going to write aImagebout some other topics, such as how the future will be shaped by people choosing to have children later in life, but I’m not sure if I want my blog to jump all over the place. So I waited until I had something travel related to talk about.

Soon we’re going to be off on our first big international trip as a family. We went to Spain 7 years ago to visit family. It was international but not the same when you’re staying with people. We went pretty big on this one – Japan (Tokyo and Osaka), Bangkok, and Cambodia (Angkor Watt) in just under 3 weeks. I know people are going to say that you can spend weeks in any of these locations. Everyone has their own travel style and I classify ours as ADD (attention deficit disorder). We find 3 nights in a big city tends to be enough for us. We like to hit the highlights. If we find a place we really like, we’ll come back another time and explore some more. I know there is a lot more on the line when we’re going overseas but southeast asia is a huge travel destination and if we like it, we’ll surely come back.

I tried to use a travel agent but it just doesn’t work for me. I enjoy all of the planning and do not like to let go of control. The first travel agent we went to speak to said she would call us in a few days; we never heard from her again. I emailed a travel agent that replied, then didn’t get back to me for a few weeks, and when they did reply they couldn’t find anything I couldn’t find myself. I got a great deal on our flights by checking some different sites, and setting up an email notification which told me the price of my flight route every day. One night after a few glasses of wine, I checked the route again and the price had dropped from $2100 to $1550 so i booked. The times aren’t ideal and we have a long layover in Seattle both ways but the savings for 3 people was substantial.

The only real plan so far is a visit to an animal sanctuary in Bangkok, to visit the animals and feed an elephant. I really wanted to go to the Tiger Temple and an elephant tour in Thailand. I changed my mind after reading a lot about the damage of animal tourism. When we travel we like to see the sites but we try to avoid overly touristy things when possible. I don’t like being herded around and taken advantage of. I have learned that it’s not that hard to get yourself around and we like to get up and do what we want. Having every moment scheduled sounds awful to me.

If anyone has any tips or tricks, please comment! 


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